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April 9, 2015

Villa Marbella 1# Villa in Sint Maarten

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I had to start wLuxury-villa-for-sale-PC-5ith WOW ! Being a  realtor on St Maarten for 8 years now and going strong I have not seen a home  that can compare to Villa MarBella  meaning                “Beautiful Sea” in Spanish.   This home boasts an elegance and beauty 2nd to none and with all the bells and whistles that you one has come to expect in a extraordinary  premier home. The attention to detail starts from the second you reach the fortified 100% custom iron gates that open swiftly and revealing the Solid Facade of Villa MarBella! The reenforced concrete drive way intrigues you to drive past the tropical fruits and lush palm gardens to reach to what can only be described as Modern Caribbean Paradise.


A blend of modern design  incorporating the cool calm caribbean vibe.

She opens her  doors to 180 degrees views of the caribbean sea and it’s treasures. The Pirates of the caribbean would of  loved the chance to raid any of the multi million dollar luxury yachts that cruise ever so swiftly by. Carrying celebrities and billionaires  of the like of Roman Abramovich & philanthropist Paul Allen to their caribbean retreat.  If it’s good enough for them is St. Maarten not enough for you?  Hold that thought !  Villa Marbella enjoys undisturbed ocean and seas views with attention to details that can easily go par to par with a luxury yacht.

When you want the best ! THAT’S EXACTLY what this villas delivers!

What is a day in Villa Marbella ?

_MG_0266You wake up to the dazzling turquoise sea from your master suit , you start with your morning yoga while soaking up the caribbean sun . Then retreat to the kitchen where fresh tropical fruits heal your morning crave, you choose a covered pool side terrace to drink your creative blend . It might be too early for the pool but you sit mesmerized by it’s  beauty and colors. You will only realize that time was flying because one of your gadgets vibrates and BIPS! Steals your attention ! And for a second you want to check your  e-mails, Facebook plus all your other 1001 apps. Luckily your well rested better half  not missing a beat saves you from the technological abyss and  makes your favorite snack recapturing your attention but even more powerful your appetite ! The delicious treats don’t seem to end. The phone rings its your best friend he is  freezing  another winter storm is creating havoc in the north. With an almost malicious smirk on your face you remind him that you have separate 3 bedroom apartment with a heated pool right below and that in just a few hours they could be right with you. Sitting on your terrace you look up to the blue sky and

 miraculously  predict this weeks temperature a constant 80 decreases.

_MG_0209A Roaring YES blast from the speaker of the phone and you can hear the kids  excitement in the back ground !  But you know something they don’t know your apartment is totally independent a separate entrance , own kitchen , for goodness sack  it has it own pool!  With that in mind you give him the code to the gate and let him know the apartment will be open for whenever they arrive. And now it’s time for that glorious dip into the pool and a back massage for the cascading waterfall but first you raise the volume of your favorite tune.

Your better half in the mean while goes for a jog leaving you all alone in this serene position, your daily predicaments reading a book in the shade  or go for a swim. Another reminder of the tough choices that must be made.  Never too late but surprisingly early  your better half has return and plunges into the pool with you. Staring into each others eyes you reminisce passionately, how lucky you are to have each other and  how you wouldn’t choose to be any where in the world but here right know……….. In Villa Marbella your perfect retreat.

The hours pass and you start wondering when your friends are coming. So you decide to go down to the apartment to leave some essential provisions, only to find out that the party started without you ! But your the humble hero that has brought warm laughs , love and  gratitude .But  just like that,  before you knew it  the sun is setting ever so clear and  another amazing natural phenomenon  is  about to start …..


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