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Real Estate Agencies, Notary offices, Architects, Engineers

Real Estate Agencies St. Maarten benefits from the presence of several and very resourceful real estate agencies that use the services of licensed salespersons. Today we can count on the professionalism and reliability of: Sunshine Properties Tendal Real Estate Remax Island Properties Antilles Realty St. Maarten Investments Island Real Estate Team Barclays Caribbean Properties century […]

Accountants_ Lawyers & Notaries

These professionals  have studied and offer sight information  to St. Maarten laws , taxes , and the limitations of the law . While the Notary’s common duty is protecting  individuals involved in the transfer of property and the validating  documents.   Lawyers have more varied rolls from helping obtaining residence papers to protecting your interest in the court of law. […]

French Real Estate taxes and laws

French St.Martin, Real Estate transactions are dealt with  by the Notaire (Notary). The Notaire has responsibility to make the final deed and obtaining all relevant searches about the property to insure the property is transferred free and clear of any leans. The Notaire has responsibility and the power to transfer the property to the buying party . Like […]

Dutch real estate laws and taxes

Dutch St. Maarten’s real estate laws and taxes; When purchasing a private residence or land in your own name, you will need  your passport or other accepted identification.  Companies are welcomed and if buying in a company name, the present articles of incorporation and a statement showing the company is in good standing. Residence is not […]