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What’s up time

We hope you are all in excellent health and good spirits. It has been a while since our last newsletter, we are in the middle of summer and many of you are enjoying the sea shores, mountains, valleys or lakesides back at home. What is amazing for us this year is that our tourist numbers have increased […]

Causeway update and new developments

    Wow another New Year has arrived! It seems to come around faster each year and the years appear to become shorter. I think this happens because of age; when we are young we think we will live forever and the years pass comparatively slowly. Here the mega yachts have been arriving regularly since the […]

St Maarten has talent & New projects

      Hoping you are all well and in good spirit, enjoying the end of summer back home. Down here on our Island, we lose track of time and have to check the Calendar, for it is always such good weather; honestly I do miss the seasonal changes at times, however not the cold. Talking about the weather […]

December newsletter

Well it’s already time again for my early Winter newsletter. We understand that you have had a wonderful summer ands Fall up north and are pleased to learn that some of you are planning to spend a warm winter with us on the friendly island. I must say that our summer was a bit warmer […]

St. Maarten update

Dear Friends and Clients, It is time again for our regular newsletter aimed to help keep you up to date with life here in Paradise! Our annual carnival week has just ended, this event seems to grow each year, both in size and popularity with locals and visitors alike. I addition, we are pleased to welcome a lot […]

Heineken Regatta 2012 and more

Dear Friends, Dear Clients, It seems like the last Heineken Regatta was not so long ago. Well, another year has past again, it seems the older I get the shorter the years! Every year the Regatta is getting more worldwide attention; this year has outdone them all in participation as well as international visitors. The […]


It’s time again for our Newsletter, high Season is approaching and hurricane season is ending, thankfully, without incident so far.   We have just celebrated our annual St.Maarten Day, with the royal family visiting from Holland; this is the first time since we were classified as a country in the Dutch Kingdom. Celebrations were taking […]

News For St. Maarten in June 2011

News From St. Maarten 25th June,2011 Dear friends & clients, We have some really exciting news from our Caribbean Island.  Finally, after over a decade of legal battles regarding one of the most beautiful properties anywhere in the world, namely, Mullet Bay Resort, its old buildings are being demolished and removed thus giving way to a new […]