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St. Maarten and St. Martin banks offer there client a number of serves from opening an account to Cd investment banking. To find a bank that is right for you search for banks in our <<Directory by clicking here>> As not all banks offer the same services be sure to ask before opening, to make sure […]

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

A great addition to a house or apartment complex is  a pool.   Which can be bought and installed  , or build directly  location. It is import to keep the water blue , cleaned   and chorified.  Find pool services and equipment in our<<directory by clicking here>> Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Pool Supplies Cleaning Services Pool Maintenance Pool Supply store […]


Plumbing is the circulatory system of a house. Ideally if you get it  build in right from the being alittle maintenance will be all you  need every now and then to keep the System circulating.  When it doesn’t find professionals that can get the plumbing fix in our <<directory by clicking here>> Plumbing Installation Plumbing Repairs Pipe Leaks Plumbing […]


Paint can bring life back into any house or apartment.  A fresh coat of paint can remove unwanted smells that can otherwise not  be removed. The cleansing result of new layer  which adds a clean and rather new feel . For home sellers this is to be  kept in mind. Find Painter and Painting companies in our […]

Maids & Cleaning Services

Whether its a house , apartment , a boating or multi-million dollar yacht eventually it will need a proper cleaning. Find  maids and cleaning companies in our <<<directory by clicking here>> Cleaning Companies Private Maids Carpets Treating Cleaning Fabric Treating and Cleaning Home / Office / Commercial Cleaning Day Maids Baby Sitting Boat / Yacht Cleaner Anti-fouling/ Barnacles cleaning

Accountants_ Lawyers & Notaries

These professionals  have studied and offer sight information  to St. Maarten laws , taxes , and the limitations of the law . While the Notary’s common duty is protecting  individuals involved in the transfer of property and the validating  documents.   Lawyers have more varied rolls from helping obtaining residence papers to protecting your interest in the court of law. […]

IT & Computers

Computers are a daily part for our lives and they’re here to stay.  Step 1 getting the right gear  which means buying  the computer that fits the amount of data and type of informations that you are going to be working with. Step 2 Buy accessories that you will need to perform what ever it is […]

Interior Designers

By definition  is a professional with a  multiple talents which with the right analysis of the client and their needs can systematically research and coordinated the furnishing process of any house  or apartment to  achieve the clients satisfaction ,pleasure while using the space in a practical and useful manner . Find Interior Designers in our  <<Directory by clicking here>> Consulting Home interior / exterior Design […]

Home Security & Electrical Appliances

You will find that most houses in St Maarten & St Martin a equipped with home appliances with most kitchens have included the bare minimum of a Stove and Fridges. If you need additional appliances their are a number of appliance Store around the island where you will be able to  the listed electrical appliance  below; Find Electrical Appliance Sellers […]

General Repairman

Looking for some one to do a quick fix? Search and Find for a general Repairman in our <<directory by clicking here>> FIX; Home Appliances Lights Plumbing Electrical Emergency Fix Handyman Machinery Simply carpentry repair