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June 24, 2016

St. Maarten Residency by Investment

Residency By Investment St Maarten 

Investors can obtain residence permit of the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Maarten, if they invest at least ANG 900,000 (app. EUR 445,000 or USD $550,000).

Necessary documents for obtaining the residency permit of St. Maarten:

Residence st maarten

“The quality of living , Yes the quality of living of the island made St. Maarten our home. ” J. Armstrong

1. Application form (Model I) completely filled out and signed by the investor;
2. Copy of valid Passport (all pages and page with the photo must be colored);
3. Original Birth Certificate date of issue cannot be older than 3 years legalized or with an apostille not older than 3 years (if this document is not in Dutch or English it must be translated in to Dutch or English by a certified translator and all translations must be legalized with a stamp)
4. Original Police Record not older than 6 months (if not issued in Sint Maarten must be translated into English or Dutch by a certified translator and all translations must be legalized with a stamp);
5. If married, original marriage certificate date of issue cannot be older than 3 years legalized or with an Apostille not older than 3 years (translated to Dutch or English). Or a detailed registration form from the Census Office (if marriage has been registered at the Census office);
6. School registration letter for the children;
7. If one of the parents of one or more children is staying in the country of origin, the following is required:
a. a letter of consent;
b. proof of custody of the children ;
8. Bank references of two international banks whereof one is located in the country of origin (not older than 3 months);
9. A statement by a local bank in which the bank declares the following: “that the applicant has the intention to make a business investment and/or acquire real estate in Sint Maarten with a total value of ANG 900.000,00 (app. EUR 445,000 or USD $550,000). This intention needs to be fulfilled within 18 months;”
10. Full proof of the required investment.

More information here about the Retirement Residence of St. Maarten!

Retirement Residency St Maarten

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Hi there! My name is Jonathan Schaede and I created this site. Here you will find a lot of information that you would otherwise not find about St. Maarten Real Estate and the market. It's a great way in paragraph form to get to know the neighborhoods and areas in our little Paradise. A little more about me; I had the pleasure of growing up  in St. Maarten and have always been involved in our family owned Real Estate and Development company, Sunshine Properties, founded by my father Dieter Schaede a pioneer in the Real Estate industry. Follow us on Facebook or Google+

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