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August 26, 2011

Rancho Cielo Pelican


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is located in the highly sought after residential community of Pelican Key, in southern St. Maarten.  High up on the hill where the air is always cool, multiple balconies offer some of the best views in St. Maarten, as the lush hillside falls down into the sparkling sea.  The horizon is dotted by neighboring Saba, an emerald pyramid rising from the sea.  These bright and cheerful units share a common pool and are equipped with large master baths and spacious living areas.




At the bottom of the hill is the beach at Pelican Key, a pristine and natural wonderland of tropical life, great for shell finding, walking, sunbathing, or just taking a dip in the healing salt waters.  Next-door is the lively Kim Sha beach, home to Buccaneer’s and La Bamba beach bar and grill.  Live music, bonfires, and dancing on the beach carry on into the night.  Also next-door is Simpson Bay Beach, a quiet, miles long residential beach, uninterrupted by high-rise buildings.  Check out Karakter beach lounge for excellent drinks, dining, and a chilled out atmosphere.


Pelican Key offers many convenient amenities, including a grocery store and deli, Hollywood Casino, boutiques, water sports and dive shop, international restaurants and a piano bar.  Removed just enough from the hustle and bustle of the Simpson Bay area just down the hill, Pelican Key is still conveniently close by.  Simpson Bay offers entertainment such as nightclubs, bars, restaurants, movie theater, and boutiques as well as residential amenities like pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, post office, and more.  A five-minute drive takes you to St. Maarten Montessori School and a ten-minute drive leads to Learning Unlimited Academy.



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