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February 16, 2015

Let’s Talk Food ! New restaurants that will wow your taste buds

We are  in the middle of 2015 winter season, Sint maarten is busy and buzzing ! I’ve been meaning to get off the real estate talk and feature another of my favorite topics ! FOOD 🙂 Yes, Sint Maarten has a reputation for its culinary excellence  but I’m happy to inform you of a couple international cuisines have landed on our small island.

Many of us enjoy the fresh and exotic flavors of Sushi and fresh sashimi !

Little Bamboo ($$)

Sushi Bar Express

Located Puerta Del Sol , Simpsonbay Sint Maarten  Tel:+1721 520 8241

is the baby brother of Bamboo Bernies that has just opened up for express lunches  in a trendy atmosphere and surprisingly good value meal!

How about if you are feeling for really good Pizza ?

Yes, there are number of good places to grab a good pizza some with road side parking excuse me roadside sitting like Drivin in Pizza in Sandy ground and Pizza & Co. in simpsonbay which have been my preferred  locations and really make good Pizzas !  I’ve recently discovered a Pizza Place that reminded me directly of a pizza I had in a Pizzeria Italiana in Rome, Italy.

Pizza Italy ($$)

located in Plaza Del Lago on welfare rd Sint Maarten (directly opposite my office Sunshine Properties)

Tel:+721 544 1928

Makes simple tasty thin pizzas period! in Cool cozy count yard siting that calls for a glass of Prosecco for an authentic Italian Pizza!

Do you know the difference between quattro stagioni and capriccios on the menu? comment below

While in Italy ! 🙂

I did an article a while back about Luna  Rossa an Italian restaurant ($$$$)  in Puerta del Sol simpson bay! Let me update you with the latest. The restaurant has changed hands and the new owners have made it better then ever! The new menu is adventurous for you taste buds and if you like real Italian food it’s a must try .


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