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August 9, 2012

Kadaster / Title search Prices

Kadaster / Title search Prices as of  January 15th, 2012

Cadastral extract (title search) Verbal                 ANG. 15.00  or  $8.42 Us

Cadastral extract (Title search) printed               ANG. 20.00 or $11.23 US per deed basic fee of ANG. 5.00 $2.80 US

Deed Copy                                                                    ANG. 20.00 or $11.23 US  per page

Declaration of Ownership                                       ANG. 25.00 or $14.04 US

Copy of Cert. of Adm.                                                 ANG. 50.00 or $28.08 US

Location Plan A4                                                        ANG. 35.00 or $19.66 US

Location Plan A3                                                       ANG. 80.00 or $44.94 US

Location Plan A2                                                       ANG. 100.00 or $56.17 US

Location Plan A1                                                       ANG. 125.00 or $70.22 US


125 ANG  or 70.22 US per application  + ANG. 85.00 or 47.75  per point

Stichting Kadaster & Hypotheekwezen

Backstreet 118, Philipsburg 

St. Maarten  Tel: 54-222-82 /54-22282  Fax: 54-22880

open: 9:30 -12:00 and 1:20 – 3:30 weekdays

At Kadaster a title or property title search  can be done to retrieving documents evidencing events in the history of a piece of real property, to determine relevant interests. Deeds and Drawing of the relevant real estate can also be found at the cadaster / Kadaster.

About the author, Jonathan Schaede

Hi there! My name is Jonathan Schaede and I created this site. Here you will find a lot of information that you would otherwise not find about St. Maarten Real Estate and the market. It's a great way in paragraph form to get to know the neighborhoods and areas in our little Paradise. A little more about me; I had the pleasure of growing up  in St. Maarten and have always been involved in our family owned Real Estate and Development company, Sunshine Properties, founded by my father Dieter Schaede a pioneer in the Real Estate industry. Follow us on Facebook or Google+

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  1. Vernon Martin
    Sep 26 2012

    I would like to order a printed cadastral extract on a 21-acre property referred to as Diamond Hill Estate. I have been given the following identifiying information:

    Rooibrief 3 of 1958
    Register C Volume 16 Num. 7 Sub 5

    It has been represented as a 1000 square meter house on 21 acres in Diamond Hill.

    Please instruct me on method of payment.

    Thanks very much.

    Vernon Martin

  2. Sep 27 2012

    Vernon call the kadaster at Tel: +1721 54-222-82 / 54-22282

  3. Andrea
    Sep 1 2013

    would the kadaster have deeds for the french side as well_

  4. René Caderius van Veen
    Jun 7 2014

    Dear mr. Schaede,
    I’m actually looking for an email address from the Kadaster on SXM. Do you have such an address for me? Thanks on beforehand.
    Best regards

  5. Nov 20 2014

    the e-mail for the kadaster is

  6. Herve
    Jul 22 2016

    Dr mr. Schaede,
    the email ( that you provided above is not correct, please can post a correct one. thank you.

  7. Maria
    Dec 12 2018

    Once you get the land and house registered at the Kadaster, whats the next step? I went there paid for the paperwork and asked them if there is a anything else i needed to do and they said NO.

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