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September 18, 2013

Donald Trump St Martin


Chateau des Palmiers (Castle of Palm trees  )

listed at $ 28 Million US Dollar  Presidents  Donald Trump St. Martin Estate.

This lavish 9 bedroom Estate  located on Plum Beach on the Island of St. Martin this fabulous property provides an intimate, relaxed and attentive environment within the walls of a gated enclave. The many amenities include a huge heated pool, an open air and air conditioned fitness center, a tennis court, and covered outdoor bar, billiards and dining areas. The oceanside villa features 5 King Size bedrooms with full private baths including a two-storey master suite with a master bath with Jacuzzi tub and two private balconies facing the pool & ocean. The remaining interior spaces include a fully equipped kitchen, a formal living room, a formal dining room seating 10 and a casual outside dining area and a media room. The 4 bedroom garden side villa features the” Jungle Room” with king size bed and small living room, the “Palm Room” with king size mahogany bed and a 2 bedroom Suite with queen size beds, a shared living room and cozy dining room .

And of course plenty  of space to Entertain at the Chateau des Palmiers !!


About the author, Jonathan Schaede

Hi there! My name is Jonathan Schaede and I created this site. Here you will find a lot of information that you would otherwise not find about St. Maarten Real Estate and the market. It's a great way in paragraph form to get to know the neighborhoods and areas in our little Paradise. A little more about me; I had the pleasure of growing up  in St. Maarten and have always been involved in our family owned Real Estate and Development company, Sunshine Properties, founded by my father Dieter Schaede a pioneer in the Real Estate industry. Follow us on Facebook or Google+

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  1. wonder if Donald will invite me over!

  2. devra
    Oct 3 2013

    I hope he takes over the mullet bay area. it is prime land just waiting for someone to develop it. it has been a crime that it has been left for so long – although it is much better without all the damaged buildings.

  3. jah
    Feb 5 2016

    Help thé youths in stmartin instead of blinging free thé black in sxm

    Feb 5 2016

    He doing pure shit to blacks ,latinos and other non white nations and yall selling him our stuff buh how dumb can black ppl get though . Soon he gg want to run sxm he better stay dutch side in he blood!

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