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June 28, 2013

360 Virtual tour

360 Virtual Tours

There is a Revolution taking place in the St.Maarten’s Real Estate Market with Sunshine Properties being also a member of “Leading Real Estate Companies of the World” with Virtual Tours of most of St.Maarten’s finest Properties such as Luxury Houses, Condos and Vacation Rentals. Opening up a totally new way of viewing Real Estate listings.

This existing feature can only be found in Sunshine Properties’ award winning website.


Vittoria Garrafa a Real Estate Agent says:

I’m very excited about this new technology and the feedback that we are getting from both buyers and renters”

So how does it work?

Look out for the blue sign when browsing the different real estate categories. Click on it and scroll down to find the virtual tour.


360 Virtual Tour


Can you tell me about the functions?

Well here it gets fun! This is the way to get the full virtual tour experience of your favorite property. Try it also in full screen!


360 virtual tour


Just let the virtual tour play as it does a 360* panoramic of the location, or simply manually move the mouse around the screen and explore as you wish with the possibility to zoom in and out. Another option is to use the arrows at the bottom of the tour to move about and in and out.


What are the Functions of the flashing icon and inside of the virtual tour?

360 Virtual Tour

These are links to our locations; by clicking on them they will bring you to the location you wish, either to explore or to manually choose the locations that you wish to view or see using the tab. It is located on the top left and it’s used to choose a location inside the virtual tour.


Virtual tour 360



Just play with the virtual tour; nothing can go wrong!

Find our 360* virtual tours for :

–  Blue Marine                                  – Lighthouse                      – Ocean Edge                        – Simpsonbay Yacht Club

–  Blue Marine villas                       – The Cliff                           – Cupecoy Beach Club      –  Tradewinds

–  Coco Beach club                           – Coral Shore                   – Aquamarina                      –  Las Brisas

–  Las Arenas                                     – La Siesta                            – Point Pirouette              – Rainbow beach club

–  Palm Beach                                     – Aqualina                         – Caravanserai                    – Indigo Bay

–  Coco beach Club                           – Bayview                         – Porto Cupecoy                  –  Private Homes / Villas

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About the author, Jonathan Schaede

Hi there! My name is Jonathan Schaede and I created this site. Here you will find a lot of information that you would otherwise not find about St. Maarten Real Estate and the market. It's a great way in paragraph form to get to know the neighborhoods and areas in our little Paradise. A little more about me; I had the pleasure of growing up  in St. Maarten and have always been involved in our family owned Real Estate and Development company, Sunshine Properties, founded by my father Dieter Schaede a pioneer in the Real Estate industry. Follow us on Facebook or Google+

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